Laser applications, laser technology, one of the biggest discoveries in the medical and informaticks world, there is no doubt…

The common usage in the field of dentistry,brings happy results for physicians and patients, because many dental treatments can be done more effectively and more painlessly with lasers.

Advantages of laser applications:

1) Facilitating dental treatments of patients with phobia, anxiety and prejudice (no feeling of noise and vibration and no need for anesthesia in small procedures),

2) Stronger hold of aesthetic restorations to tooth tissue,

3) Aesthetic shaping of gingiva,

4) Faster and safer results in the recovery of stubborn infections,

5) Elimination of the sensitivity of sensitive teeth,

6) Shortening of oral wounds such as herpes and aphtous ulcers during recovery time,

7) Reduced risk of new infection,tooth cavity, etc., as 100% disinfection and sterilization are provided in laser-administered areas,

8)Removal of genetically occurring purple discoloration (hyperpigmentation) in gingiva by laser peeling effect

9) Swift recovery of lesion root canal treatments

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