What is Teeth Whitening (Bleaching)?

Teeth whitening process is the process of cleaning colored substances, which are located in the invisible porous structure of the enamel layer, the top layer of the tooth, with special content teeth whitening gels.

Teeth whitening (Bleaching) is the same as dental cleaning?

No, it’s not. Teeth whitening is the process of opening the clean and spotless main color of the tooth.Dental cleaning (scaling) is the process of cleaning tooth stones and stains accumulated on and between the teeth. In other words, the tooth done from dental cleaning (scaling) can be clean but yellow. These clean and yellow teeth are whitened by teeth whitening process.

How are teeth whitened?

After the teeth are removed from the tooth stones and stains,by special gel and light source (led, laser) in dental clinic or by the plaques specially made for the patient by the physician,at home,sometimes whitened by applying both methods together.

Is teeth whitening harmful?

There is no proven damage other than the temporary 1-2 day sensitivity problem of teeth whitening.

Do teeth return to their old color after teeth whitening?

The result of teeth whitening can remain the same for up to two years. If you consumed too much tea, coffee, red wine, smoking and if you do not care adequately, the color will come back sooner.

Is teeth whitening done to smokers?

There is no barrier to applying teeth whitening to smokers. Only the persistence of the resulting color will be shorter than other patients.

Does teeth whitening cause pain in the teeth?

Teeth whitening does not cause permanent damage or pain to the teeth. There may be a temporary tenderness during the procedure and for the next 1-2 days.

Does teeth whitening damage the teeth? Do my fillings and porcelain veneers (crowns) deteriorate?

Teeth whitening does not cause any damage to the teeth.Teeth whitening is not apply to crowns anyway because it has no effect on the color of crowns (porcelain veneers). Fillings are only located in a certain part of the tooth, so the color of the fillings will remain constant as the remaining tooth tissue whitens. Therefore, after whitening, fillings can be retouched to be compatible with the new color.

My old root canal-treated teeth turned gray over time,so are they whitening?

This type of teeth are whitened by the method we call internal bleaching alone.The important thing here is that canal therapy is excellent and there should be no cavity tissue on the tooth. For this reason, sometimes physicians say that root canal treatment should be done again before to ensure sealing without internal whitening.

Can teeth whitening be applied to everyone?

The teeth whitening process can be applied to everyone except individuals who are allergic to the contents of the gel and patients with severe TMJ problems who cannot keep their mouth open for a long time. Whitening may not be performed by the physician because some teeth tissues are unsuitable for whitening.

What is teeth whitening, how to do it?

Teeth whitening is the process of removing organic and inorganic substances that cause color change in the porous structure of tooth tissue with special gels.

Teeth whitening performed in two ways:

1) Professional gel treatment (office teeth whitening) applied by the dentist in the clinic

2)The patient applies the gel specially prepared in transparent molds in accordance with the recommendations of the physician. (home teeth whitening)

For best results and long-term persistence, 2-3 sessions of office teeth whitening, which is held one week apart, should follow 10-12 days of home teeth whitening.

Is teeth whitening safe? Does it damage the teeth?

There is no research or microscopic study showing that a structural change or permanent damage to the tooth tissue has occurred for teeth whitening. What is important here is that the teeth whitening process should be done under the control of the dentist,no matter which method (at-home or in-office). Teeth whitening gels used in the office or home type for teeth whitening can cause varying degrees of sensitivity among individuals. Sensitivity, feeling tingling, especially in contact with thermal (hot/cold) stimuli are normal side effects. Most such complaints are evident within the first 4-8 hours and disappear during the day. Fluoride treatments that the dentist will do and the toothpaste that dentist will recommend will allow you to spend more comfortable in the treatment process. As soon as the gel application is cut in teeth whitening, the sensitivity ends.

How long does it take for your teeth to whiten?

The results obtained by tooth whitening treatment are individual and depend on very different variables. For example, if yellow tones dominant in the change of color in the teeth, teeth whitening will work better. Graying, especially caused by antibiotic use, is more difficult to whiten and reaching the conclusion may require a longer process. Whitening a root canal treated tooth takes more time than in vital tooth takes time. However, it can be said that serious results have been obtained in 2-3 weeks in generally.

The whitening effect of gels used for teeth whitening is expected to last at least 1-2 years. However, this period is directly related to hygiene habits of person and how much a person is exposed to factors that cause colorization. In routine checks, whitening treatment can be repeated in accordance with the joint decision of the dentist and patient.

What is home teeth whitening?

Home teeth whitening is the patient’s self-whitening process at home with instructions given by the dentist. It can be applied as a singly whitening process, or it can be applied in support of the whitening process applied in-office.

Does home teeth whitening whiten more?

No. Home teeth whitening is preferred when the dentist or patient does not do the whitening at the clinic or to support the office teeth whitening process. The result to be obtained from the whitening process is the same but the way and duration is different.

How does home teeth whitening performed?/How long does it take?

Home teeth whitening is done by the dentist after After taking oral measurements from patient,custom-made whitening plaques are prepared. A certain amount of whitening gel is then added to this plaque and the plaque preferably is to used when sleeping in night.

What should I pay attention to during the home teeth whitening process?

The important thing in the home teeth whitening process is to follow the instructions given by the dentist. The gel should be applied in the amount that is recommended on a regular basis. Unless otherwise specified, it should be applied every day and no more time and dose of gel should be applied to compensate for the days after it cannot be applied. Plaque or teeth should be cleaned after application, during the bleaching process,coloring agents (tea, coffee, wine, cigarettes should not be consumed) should not be used and pay attention to oral care.

Is there any pain in the process of home teeth whitening?

No.Home type whitening process, the dose of whitening gel is low compared to in-office whitening, as the plaque stays in the mouth all night and the treatment is divided into days.

Is home teeth whitening more permanent?

Home whitening process allows us to achieve the same result in a longer period of time. The persistence of the tooth whitening process depends on the patient’s care and the dyeing effect of the food consumed.

Who should prefer home teeth whitening?

Our patients who are too busy to make appointments on a few different days during the week with a busy work pace can choose the home type whitening process. It is usually preferred in patients with simple levels of colored teeth.

What should I pay attention to after home teeth whitening process?

Home teeth whitening process is applied, when the plaque is removed in the morning, the mouth should be shaken with plenty of water, plaque should be cleaned and kept in a special container.Tea, coffee, wine,fizzy drinks and cigarettes should not be consumed during the whitening process. If person want to maintain the whiteness reached for longer after the whitening process is finished, it is necessary to stay as far away from products with coloring effect as possible.

Do I need to get home teeth whitening done again?/When should I have it repeated?

If desired to make the color more permanent,we should repeat the home teeth whitening process once every 6-8 months for a shorter period.According to the type of food received, the amount of coloration,period can be changed to be once a year.

What is office teeth whitening?

Office teeth whitening process is the whitening process performed by the dentist in 20-40 minute sessions according to the darkness of the original tooth color and the application of the whitening gel to the teeth by the dentist with a special light source.

How is the office teeth whitening process done?How long does office teeth whitening take?

Both in office and home teeth whitening process, teeth are removed from existing stains and stones firstly. After applying the gum barrier to protect the teeth, the dentist applies the whitening gel to the teeth and activates it under the light source. The session time is 20-40 minutes, the number and duration of the session connect to original teeth colors and effect of whitening process.

Does office teeth whitening whiten more?

Office teeth whitening is made under a more intense whitening gel and light, so it results faster than home teeth whitening. That makes it feel like it’s whitening more in a lot of patients.

What should I pay attention to during home teeth whitening process?

During the office teeth whitening process, try to remain constant in the position set by the dentist in the seat. If multiple sessions and whitening are to be done, we should not consume foods that coloring between appointments, we should not use cigarettes and similar tobacco products.

Is there any pain in the office teeth whitening process?

Temporary sensitivities that may occur in office teeth whitening vary from person to person, but in the majority of cases, painkillers are not even needed.

Is office teeth whitening more permanent?

The persistence of the whiteness obtained in the teeth whitening process depends entirely on the patient. Eating habits, the amount of tea-coffee-wine use, smoking and oral care are directly effective on the permanence of whiteness.

Who should prefer office teeth whitening?

Anyone who is not happy with the teeth color and who wants to have an effective whitening in less time, may prefer office teeth whitening.

What should I pay attention to after office teeth whitening?

It is sufficient to pay attention to oral care,to avoid tobacco products and colourant foods in terms of the persistence of whiteness achieved.

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